Business & best practices

Business & best practices


Create architecture as you would create a movie

How neuroarchitecture uses the way our brain works to tell a story without words.

Conquering one's history

KB3 Museum Park

Feeling good at home: when the built environment becomes a therapy

The built environment, beyond decoration and aesthetics. Preventive and therapeutic effects on human health and impacts of COVID-19.

10 strategies to avoid another lockdown

The decision to isolate the population as the best strategy against the pandemic, although necessary, has had many undesirable psychological, social, and financial effects. Let's think better about our public, living, and working spaces to multiply strategies against epidemics. The goal? To avoid reliving this last year at all costs.

People of the country; tales and territories that unite us

Humans create meaning and a sense of belonging to groups and territories through the stories they make about them. Here we tell you how these stories are made in the relationship between imagination, body, and land.

Architect wanted

Be the next architect on our team!

Technologist wanted

Be the next technologist on our team!

Architecture intern wanted

Be the next intern to join our team!

LabNco's culture: scientocracy at the heart of LabNco.

Discover the unique culture of LabNco, an innovative and human-centered architecture firm.

Neuroarchitecture: a new form of mentalism.

Using neuroarchitecture to create a sense of fulfillment in users of spaces like a mentalist manipulates the minds of his audience.
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