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LabNco. gets its name from Laboratory & Collaborators; as our approach is based on science and experimentation & is supported by collaboration and interdisciplinarity.
A company that puts you at the heart of its creative process & takes advantage of collective intelligence.

Our mission

By 2030, LabNco. aspires to become the first research-creation laboratory in Quebec that allies science, design, management, and the resolution of complex problems.
LabNco. creates targeted multi-sensory experiences that promote health, well-being, and human flourishing, modulating space and matter according to clients' objectives in an innovative way through the progressive integration of science and information technology into design.

Our vision

Our collaborative approach

Interdisciplinarity and collective intelligence.

Our integrated design approach maximizes collective intelligence.

We do not claim to know everything or to be experts in everything. This awareness of our limitations is our great strength at LabNco; it forces us to be rigorous, to listen, and be humble; furthermore; we integrate and cross-reference knowledge, expertise, and the most relevant data from the various stakeholders in a project, to have the most accurate understanding of the situation.
Our participatory approaches bring together (via committees or other groups) clients, often decision-makers or owners, with scientists and experts, as well as users, employees, local communities, and the general public (as required).

The committee formed will validate or invalidate our understanding of the issues or challenges on an ongoing basis during our processes. It will also validate or invalidate potential solutions proposed. Each committee is formed at the start of a mandate and will incorporate all relevant stakeholders and individuals for the duration of the mandate to ensure the success of the project.


& owners

They understand and have knowledge of the organizational, logistical, and financial nature of situations and projects. They are our clients and the ones who will decide on the final verdict, but they are also often the most sensitive to the "big picture" that is drawn up with them in order to manage the risks and success of a project.


& experts

They have detailed knowledge of the current state of scientific, academic, normative, and empirical knowledge and of the most relevant data to be taken into consideration in order to be in line with facts. Often, specialists provide an in-depth and detailed understanding of the issues, challenges, risks, or opportunities being faced, as well as the state of knowledge on the given subject.


Users, employees,
communities & the general public.

They have the knowledge of reality on the ground, they are the ones most in tune with the lived experience of a project. They are the ones to whom the projects are addressed (most of the time). They are therefore the main "experimenters" of our decisions, which is why their input is so important to achieve projects that have the expected effects on them.


LabNco. - Conductor of your

Our role is to coordinate the various disciplines, knowledge, and expertise into a harmonious project. LabNco. is the expert "synthesizer" capable of vulgarizing everyone's messages and visions, establishing a dialogue between the different discourses, resolving the paradoxes and contradictions encountered, and generating the best proposals in a coherent whole. Our expertise is to develop and build a common vision to which all stakeholders will adhere and around which they will act, to articulate the interventions.

Our ecosystem of external collaborators.

A growing network of experts.


Frédéric Simard

B.Eng., Phd candidate in neuropsychology
Expert in Cognition & Technology
Frédéric trained as a computer systems engineer at ÉTS and pursued graduate studies in neurophysiology at McGill University.

David Tévan

Business strategist
Strategy, marketing & entrepreneurship expert
David has a master’s degree in business administration and is an experienced manager with a strong entrepreneurial streak. He has knowledge in business and market development, sales and marketing team management.

Benoit Giroussens

Business strategist
Expert in Business & Market Strategy
Benoit holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from HEC Montréal. He advises companies on strategy and marketing.

Amélie Cosse

Consultant in sustainable mobility
Expert in (pedestrian & transport)
Travel Simulation & Validation
After four years working on various residential, commercial, cultural and educational development projects at Momentum in the UK, Amélie moved to Montreal in April 2018 to establish Momentum's first international office.

Geneviève Leclerc

Impact Designer
Expert in social Impact's projection & validation
Geneviève has over 25 years of experience in conference management and consulting for organizations, and a career path that has taken her to over 20 countries.

Catherine Fontaine-Lavallée

M.Sc. Neurobiologist and science communicator.
Expert in science vulgarization
Catherine obtained a bachelor's degree in biology (animal physiology and neuroscience) from the University of Montpellier, France, and a master's degree in neurobiology from Laval University.

Sébastien Bilodeau

Senior Architect
Architect with 20 years of experience
Sébastien has been a project manager at G.M. Architects Associates, since 2007 where he mainly assisted the construction management for the design and construction of the Vitam'Parc commercial, aquatic, and sports center in Neydens.

Vanessa Parent

Landscape architect
Landscape architect
Vanessa has studied architecture, interior design and garden design. She pays particular attention to the wholeness of a project and its feasibility.

Jean-François Gagnon

Senior Professional Architectural Technologist
Construction Expert
While studying psychology at the University of Sherbrooke, Jean-François' career path branched out into the world of audiovisual integration, home automation and lighting design, and this for nearly ten years.

Frank Raymond

3D Artist
Expert in Visualization
Trained as an Architectural Technician, Frank worked at STGM Architects with whom he founded FIXION3D. In 2014, he founded Symbiose Design with his associate Johanie Gariépy designer.

Our expertise, an in-depth knowledge of humankind.

An expertise acknowledged at both academic and professional levels.

C’est en 2008 que Nicolas Labrie a commencé à s’intéresser aux liens qui existent entre l’environnement bâti et les comportements humains ainsi que le cerveau humain. Il a donc graduellement exploré le sujet qui devenu pour lui une passion dévorante. Il y a d’ailleurs consacré sa maîtrise et sa thèse, qui a été sacrée meilleure de sa promotion.

In 2008, Nicolas Labrie became interested in the links between the built environment and human behavior, as well as the human brain. He gradually explored the subject, which has become a consuming passion of his. He devoted his master's degree and thesis to it, which was awarded best in his class. Over the years, he has acquired a vast amount and variety of knowledge on the subject which he has applied in his practice. In 2018, he was fortunate enough to have this expertise academically recognized by Laval University, who invited him to teach a one-semester (15 weeks) lecture course on the subject. The Human Aspects of Architecture course introduces students to the mutual influences that exist between humans and their built environment. This course introduces concepts and methods useful for the study of people-environment relationships and for a people-sensitive practice of architecture. It aims more specifically at understanding the fundamental notions related to the perception of the environment, behaviors in space, and life in society. It thus combines the philosophy of humanistic intervention with a scientific approach, in a mixture linking the design sciences (called "empirical"), the cognitive-behavioral sciences (called "hard"), and the socio-cultural sciences (called "social").

Informed and empathetic design

The Human Aspects of Architecture course also allowed Nicolas Labrie to convey his vision of what design should be; that is, a design that is both informed and empathetic. Informed design implies relying on the most valid knowledge and rigorous processes, notably those of science, and more precisely of the complexity sciences. Empathic design allows us to understand and consider the sensitive and subjective nature of people's experiences. It is therefore in this union of informed and empathic design that the greatest rigor of facts is combined with the greatest sensitivity to people, to create projects that are in line with reality.

Towards validated design

LabNco. is currently developing several partnerships. The first partnership is with RE-AK Technologies to validate the initial design hypotheses through real experience data. RE-AK develops technological solutions that measure and analyze people's emotions and cognitive state of mind in real-time. This partnership allows a neuroscientific approach for data collection during a project, and after, complementing traditional validation approaches such as "studies and surveys". A second partnership is with the firm #Meetforimpact to plan and validate social and memorial impacts (acceptability, virality, popularity, attractiveness, etc.). A third partnership is with the firm Momemtum Transport to plan and validate pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows. Finally, we also have partnerships with various business strategists to plan and validate the economic impact of projects. Thanks to all our valuable partners, we can ensure that projects are progressing in a continuously substantiated manner, validating final impacts and results, and thus ensuring their success.


Weare WELL AP certified since 2020 -
Acertification ensuring the health of buildings' occupants.

TheWELL Building Standard® is a performance-based system for measuring,certifying, and monitoring the characteristics of the built environment thatimpact human health and well-being through the air, water, food, light,fitness, comfort, and spirit.

WELLis managed and administered by the International WELL Building Institute(IWBI), a public benefit corporation whose mission is to improve human healthand well-being through the built environment.

WELLis based on a body of medical research that explores the link between buildingswhere we spend over 90% of our time, and the health and well-being of theiroccupants. WELL Certified ™ spaces and WELL Compliant ™ core and shelldevelopments can help create a built environment that improves nutrition, fitness,mood, and sleep patterns.

TheWELL Building Standard® is third-party certified by Green BusinessCertification Incorporation (GBCI), which administers the LEED CertificationProgram and the LEED Professional Accreditation Program.


Our great interest in the brain, human behavior, and science led us to start the practice of neuroarchitecture, but what is it?

Neuroarchitecture stands at the intersection and meeting point of two distinct disciplines: neuroscience and architecture. This new approach leans on our growing knowledge of how the brain works and aims to explain our responses to all things architectural and of the built environment.

Our story

The founder tells you his journey.

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Nicolas Labrie

Founder - Architect
I started my career in 2004 in architectural offices as an architectural technician. I first participated in projects for various firms as a freelancer while quickly developing technical expertise that I have deepened over the years. This varied and demanding experience allowed me to rapidly become resourceful and autonomous in residential, institutional, cultural, corporate, and commercial projects.

Other professional projects & partnerships -Innovation and interdisciplinarity.

Human Aspects of Architecture

[Professor] University course, Winter 2018. Concepts and methods useful for an inhabitant-sensitive architectural practice. Understanding of fundamental concepts related to environmental perception, spatial behaviors, and living in society.

Cybernetics of
the Human City

[Founder] Personal blog on links between human behavior and the built environment. Design, architecture, urbanism, system dynamics (economic, political, social, cultural, etc.), neuroscience, cognitive science, phenomenology, philosophy, sociology, ethology, eutonology and more

Quebec Design Collective

[Founder] Organization aiming to promote the value of design in Quebec by first bringing together Quebec design organizations and actors in concertation projects; by aiming to influence public policies; inform and sensitize populations; publicize and democratize design and its actors.


[Ex-Cofounder] Cooperative that brings together a team of R&D professionals to automate the construction of ecological, sustainable, and affordable houses using, among other things, additive manufacturing technologies such as multi-material 3D printing.
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