Our approach

Our approach

Let us [re]view the world with you.

LabNco. is the only interdisciplinary firm of its kind in the design & total architecture market.

Experiential design that integrates science & technology for superior quality.
Founded in 2018, LabNco. is the only interdisciplinary firm of its kind in the design & complete architecture market. Thanks to its ecosystem of partners, it offers a range of services from business & impact strategy to architectural design, scientific research, and technological validation/simulation.
The company therefore combines scientific and technological expertise with design and planning expertise. This approach allows the company to rely on reliable data and recent studies, as well as rigorous and participatory methodologies, to create human-centered built environments.

What sets us apart

Comprehensive cross-disciplinary services
The company is the only multidisciplinary firm of its kind on the market, offering services that combine design, strategy, and scientific research (cognitive-behavioral sciences). It is also the first design firm to integrate the scientific method into the design field. Its mission is to use design to solve complex human problems and create memorable experiences. The goal is to foster the transformation of people and their fulfillment through their interaction with their environment. Its vision is to become the leading research-creation laboratory in Quebec and in the world within 10 years.
In the field of design, whether you are looking for benefits such as increased attractiveness, visibility, social acceptability, consensus, or damage mitigation/management, or any other form of risk management and guaranteed results, we have a service for you.
And how do we do it? Through our experience design process, based on the scientific method, and through the creation of research-creation methodologies inspired by Design Thinking and adapted for each typical problem, need, or desire encountered by clients for their project.

When Design becomes Science

Services that do not play by chance.

Do you know the scientific method?

  • Design is too often based on intuition, inspiration and trial and error.
  • The scientific model allows rigor, predictability, reproducibility and innovation.

Our process

A unique service delivery process


When the environment changes behavior.

At LabNco, we believe it is possible to revolutionize the industry through neuroarchitecture, a cutting-edge design movement combining knowledge of the human brain with the creation of the built environment. To date, design trends have been driven by the aesthetic philosophy of an era, but our innovative approach aims to refocus them on the people experiencing them.
This is how we ensure the success of client projects and improve the chances of reliable results. This is what allows us to innovate, far beyond our competition.
Our real focus is on people's mindsets, perceptions, and behaviors. That is why we want to bring together various experts and support them with reliable data and recent studies from the cognitive-behavioral sciences, as well as rigorous and participatory methodologies. All our methodologies (specialized services) are inspired by Design Thinking, which is the most effective method used in the field of complex sciences for problem-solving.




All our specialized services are inspired by Design Thinking

Design thinking is a method of implementing innovation using collective intelligence




Develop a clear understanding of the challenge

Find the right problem




Clearly identify and articulate the problem to be solved

Find the right problem




Explore all potential selected solutions and develop the best ones

Find the right solution




Create a prototype or several and format the solution & its components

Find the right solution




Engage in an incremental innovation process & continuously improve the solution

Find the right solution




Deploy the chosen solution and learn for the future

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