LabNco's culture: scientocracy at the heart of LabNco.

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LabNco's culture: scientocracy at the heart of LabNco.

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    Catherine Whitehead

Do you know about scientocracy?

The answer to this question is probably no. It is a specific concept; invented by Nicolas Labrie, founder of LabNco. In itself, scientocracy represents the unique corporate culture of LabNco, an innovation-oriented architecture firm. Going beyond traditional approaches, LabNco. offers its clients a human-centered approach and the scientific method to provide an emotional connection to space.

As a result, LabNco.'s culture stands out from other employers. Scientocracy is based on a people-oriented and respectful management approach. In addition, it offers incredible career opportunities for team members and motivates them to work. Are you wondering how a culture can, in itself, offer career opportunities? Here's how this ingenious: culture works.

A culture inspired by sport and science

Scientocracy is rooted in two concepts, science, and sport. You know what? These two concepts fit together perfectly! First, there is team spirit inspired by sports teams. If you have watched a sports competition, you will have noticed that a team achieves the best results by combining players' strengths. In other words, everyone works together, combining their respective talents to achieve the ultimate goal: winning the race.

The same is true of scientocracy. Work is based on making the most of each individual's strengths to achieve the best result collectively. This culture, inspired by the scientific approach: pose hypotheses, test reality, and base actions on proven facts and feedback. How does this translate into a working session? We propose ideas, debate, argue, and choose the optimal solution! At LabNco, you evolve, learn, and are constantly stimulated.

Human management behind scientocracy

Far from being a culture of competition, scientocracy is based, on the contrary, on valuing the strengths of each individual. It is based on openness values, cooperation, loyalty to the team and the organization, and rigor, to name a few. Team members are not only invited to propose their ideas, but they also have a duty to do so! Moreover, Scientocracy encourages them to do so, since it inspires all members to respect each other and to be committed to the team's success.

The main philosophy of Scientocracy? "Your expertise is valued at all costs. Your opinion is measured by your credibility and the weight of your ideas is modulated. In any case, even if your opinion is not retained, you are given an intrinsic human value. ". The idea is to get the team to ask not "am I right", but rather "how do I know I am right? The genius of this culture lies behind a value advocated by the founder of LabNco. authenticity. As Nicolas Labrie says: "By being transparent and authentic, we create a climate of trust." He actively seeks to develop his employees' self-awareness. This gives them the opportunity to understand their strengths and accept their weaknesses in a caring manner. This is what makes this unique culture possible.

Why choose scientocracy and work at LabNco?

If you are looking for a job in the field of architecture, believe me, you need to take a look at LabNco. Firstly, the projects are varied, large-scale, and of impressive quality. Secondly, the scientocracy will give you the opportunity to develop close relationships with your colleagues and the founder. More concretely, here is what you can expect when you join this company culture:

  • A challenging mission and a real opportunity to contribute significantly to the efforts to achieve it.  
  • Participate in the co-creation of large-scale architectural projects.
  • An approach and tools developed by LabNco.
  • Perform challenging tasks: we build on your strengths and encourage you to develop.
  • Develop your assertiveness in a respectful atmosphere.
  • The opportunity to work with colleagues who, like you, want to give their best and who strive for excellence.
  • The opportunity to be exposed to different schools of thought and points of view, and to participate in the search for solutions to bring them together

What about well-being at work?

A final note on strength-based management; scientocracy allows employees to develop and propel their careers. Compared to more traditional methods, this type of management is likely to energize employees as they work on projects they enjoy, doing tasks that challenge them and those they are good at. This is called the flow experience.

In addition, LabNco. is an SME: the employees help drive the company along with the founder. Most importantly, he listens to you, and most importantly, communicates with you! All the key figures of the company are shown to employees. The better the sales figures, the more profits are redistributed to the team. This is what makes scientocracy work so well: team members become a tribe, there is no room for the individualistic 'me.'

If I had to summarize the main advantage of scientocracy, it would be this. This collaborative culture will allow you to apply the principle of continuous improvement at all levels: work, deliverables, colleagues, and the company. Most importantly, scientocracy at LabNco. will allow you to improve yourself, both personally and professionally. By learning about your strengths and having an awareness of your skills, you will have everything you need to propel your career forward!

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