Promote social acceptance & counter the "not in my backyard" attitude

Course's type

3,5 hres
Online training on the Zoom platform. Continuing education activity. A certificate of participation will be given after the training.  Eligible for OAQ continuing education.

Course’s objectives

-Become aware of the historical and current context of popular protest and its impacts.
- Become aware of a risk management approach through strategic anticipation and rapid exposure to threats/barriers to projects. 
 - Become familiar with approaches and tools for integrating the population into the process of project creation and implementation.
- Become familiar with the processes and tools for negotiation, consensus-building, and building support for a project.

Course’s structure and content

1- The impacts of "not in my backyard" (NIMBY)  
2- Transparency and the participatory approach as a new form of risk management
3- Participation and negotiation, which tools?
4- Connecting to the common narrative and people's identity
5- Benefits and impact measures
6- Conclusion: the "win-win" approach


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