Design Thinking to solve your complex challenges with simplicity.

Course type

3.5 hrs
Online training on the Zoom platform. Continuing education activity. A certificate of participation will be given after the training.  Eligible for OAQ continuing education.

Course’s objectives

- Become aware of risk management and innovation in the face of the growing complexity of today's world
- Become aware of the usefulness and benefits of the "Design Thinking" method as a problem-solving approach
- Become familiar with "Design Thinking", its steps and variants
- Become familiar with a collaborative, trans-disciplinary, iterative, rapidly validated and self-correcting approach as a means of avoiding the pitfalls of linear, siloed approaches that are only validated at the end of the process.

Course’ structure and content

1- Complex world and complex thinking: introduction to complexity management.
2- Epistemology and "Design Thinking": the systemic approach to problems.
3- History, variety, and stages of the "Design Thinking" model.
4- Design thinking participative and transdisciplinary approach.
5- Design thinking iterative and self-correcting approach.
6- Advantages and diversity of applications of design thinking.


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