What makes us different

Services that integrate science to design

The company is the only transdisciplinary firm of its kind on the market, offering services mixing design, strategy and scientific researches (especially relating to the brain and human behaviors). It is also the first design firm to integrate the scientific method into the field of design. Its mission is to solve, through design, complex human challenges and to create memorable human experiences. The goal is to promote the transformation of people and their flourishment through their interaction with their environment. The vision of the firm is to become the first research-creation laboratory in Quebec and in the world within the next 10 years.

In matter of design, whether you are looking for benefits such as an increase in your attractiveness, visibility, social acceptability, consensus, or mitigation / damage management, or any other form of risk management and guaranteed results, we have a service for you!

How do we do it? Via our experience design process based on the scientific method and via the creation of research-creation methodologies adapted to each type of problem, need or desire encountered by our customers for their project.

Have you heard of the scientific method?

Design is too often based on intuition, inspiration and trial and error.
The scientific method allows rigor, predictability, reproducibility and innovation.

What if we would integrate it to the design process?

We did it!

Rigour, innovation, predictability, reproductibility

We believe human experience and resulting behaviors are the path to change

At LabNco, we believe that it is possible to revolutionize the industry thanks to neuro-design, combining knowledge of the human brain and creation of the built environment. Until now, design trends were dictated by the aesthetic philosophy of an era, but our innovative approach aims rather to refocus them on the people who experience the design.

Our real target of work is people's state of mind, their perception and their behavior. This is why we want to rally this expertise and support it with reliable data and recent studies from the sciences, as well as rigorous and participatory methodologies. All our methodologies (specialized services) are inspired by Design Thinking, which is the most effective method used in the field of complexity sciences for problem solving.

This is how we can manage customer risk and improve the chances of results. This is what allows us to innovate, far beyond our competitors.

"We shape our buildings ; therefafter they shape us" - Winston Churchill

All our specialized services are Design Thinking based

Design thinking is a method of implementing innovation by using collective intelligence
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