Manage your risk before starting the project.
Ensure the feasibility of your project (regulatory, construction, permits, etc.).
Make sure your project is profitable.
Be attractive, distinctive, and seduce banks and potential investors.
Optimize the value of your projects, both in terms of attractiveness and resale value.
Create a project that reflects your image and targets the right clientele.

Our process

  • 01
    Feasibility study
  • Ensure that the project is technically, volumetrically, and legally realistic.

  • 02
    Rentability study
  • Ensure that the project is profitable, distinctive, and competitive in the target market. 

    • Immoplanning allows you to manage your risk by validating your project's potential, answering questions and challenges before starting your real estate project, and, most importantly, avoiding incurring costs in the wrong and/or least profitable direction. The methodology usually consists of two main overlapping phases: the feasibility study and the rentability study.

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