Create an environment perfectly adapted to you and your needs.
Be accompanied in an empathetic process that listens to your reality.
Create a personalized environment down to the smallest detail.
Increase the market and resale value of your home.
Feel at home in perfect harmony.

Our process

  • 01
    Sensitive site’s study
  • Optimizing suitability with a site's spirit and potential.

  • 02
    Empathetic analysis
  • Ensuring that the design is in perfect harmony with who you are.

    • Homesewing materializes and specializes your identity, personality, aspirations, values, beliefs, and dreams in personalized spaces; adapted to your needs for a warm and harmonious result. It is achieved through an empathetic and sensitive process that understands and internalizes your reality, and the spirit of the place (genius loci) chosen; to achieve a perfect mesh between you, your site, and your future home. The methodology usually includes two main overlapping phases: the sensitive site' study and the empathetic analysis of the client.

Our projects

The Sentinel - Bromont

The Sentinel winds its way through the Bromont mountain in full sensitivity to its site. Its poetics, charm, components, topography integrate its natural environment optimally.

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